MICES 2022

Mix-camp E-commerce Search


26th April 2022 - US Edition

15th June 2022 - EU Edition


Charlottesville, VA - US Edition

Berlin, Germany

This was MICES 2022!

MICES 2022 once again brought together the e-commerce search community!

Check out our MICES US and MICES EU event pages for an overview of the sessions, including video recordings and slides.

Remember to come back in 2023!


MICES brings together participants from a variety of backgrounds, all sharing a common interest in e-commerce search. In order to stimulate and facilitate discussion, we will start with scheduled talks in the morning. This will be followed by self-organising sessions: participants are encouraged to initiate discussions about their topics of interest or to give an ad hoc presentation.


The workshop welcomes all topics related to e-commerce search. We have compiled a list of topics that will probably feature at the workshop. This list is not comprehensive. Participants are welcome to discuss further topics at the workshop.

  • Managing e-commerce search: finding the right process and organisation for it, and how does it change over time?
  • How can we measure and improve search quality for e-commerce?
  • What are the best search relevance models for e-commerce search?
  • Personalised e-commerce search
  • Choosing the right search technology
  • Tools and processes for 'Searchandizing'
  • From keyword search to virtual shopping assistants: designing the e-commerce search user experience
  • Exploring artificial intelligence, visual and voice search for e-commerce
  • How to deal with poor data quality in e-commerce search

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Organisers & Partners

René Kriegler

René works Director E-commerce at OpenSource Connections. As a search consultant he has supported clients in Germany and abroad for 15 years. Although he is interested in all aspects of search, key areas include search relevance consulting, e-commerce search and Apache Solr/Lucene. René maintains the Querqy open source library. He co-founded MICES in 2017 together with Paul Bartusch and Isabell Drost-From.

Paul Maria Bartusch

Paul is a passionate and visionary product owner with 15+ years experience in development & management of digital products. Coming from an engineering background, he has been working in various industries (e-commerce, search, music, IoT), teaching at university and been active in the open source community. As the founder of productful, Paul is a strong believer that data - together with foundational UX insights - will carve out meaningful ∓ superior digital products. Paul co-founded MICES in 2017 together with René Kriegler and Isabell Drost-From.

Haystack Conference

MICES is partnering with 'Haystack - The Search Relevance Conference'. MICES US takes place on the day before the Haystack conference. See here for information.

Berlin Buzzwords

MICES is partnering with Berlin Buzzwords and takes place on the day after the main conference. See here for information and tickets.

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