MICES 2024

Mix-camp E-commerce Search


12th June 2024


Berlin, Germany

Oudenarder Straße 16
House D06, 1st floor
13347 Berlin

Announcing MICES EU 2024

Join us for a one-day event on e-commerce search! - Berlin, Germany, 12th June

E-commerce search receives a lot of attention nowadays - quite different from 2017 when we started MICES and e-commerce search was much less established than search in other domains.

The e-commerce search community has grown over the years and MICES has become THE European community event to bring together experts of different backgrounds - such as IT, product managers, UX designers, search managers, information retrieval specialists, data scientists, search engine vendors - to discuss challenges, ideas, best practices, and case studies in the e-commerce search domain during this informal one-day event.

We're very excited to announce that MICES will take place in Berlin on 12th of June as an in-person event right after our Berlin Buzzwords partner event.

We invite you to submit a talk to share your insights into e-commerce search with the community (closes 28th April).

Registration will open very soon.


MICES brings together participants from a variety of backgrounds, all sharing a common interest in e-commerce search. In order to stimulate and facilitate discussion, we will start with scheduled talks in the morning. This will be followed by self-organising sessions: participants are encouraged to initiate discussions about their topics of interest or to give an ad hoc presentation.


The workshop welcomes all topics related to e-commerce search. We have compiled a list of topics that will probably feature at the workshop. This list is not comprehensive. Participants are welcome to discuss further topics at the workshop.

  • Managing e-commerce search: finding the right process and organisation for it, and how does it change over time?
  • How can we measure and improve search quality for e-commerce?
  • What are the best search relevance models for e-commerce search?
  • Personalised e-commerce search
  • Choosing the right search technology
  • Tools and processes for 'Searchandizing'
  • From keyword search to virtual shopping assistants: designing the e-commerce search user experience
  • Exploring artificial intelligence, visual and voice search for e-commerce
  • How to deal with poor data quality in e-commerce search

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Admission for MICES is free of charge but you need to register prior to the event. Please note that seats are limited.

Registration for MICES is not open yet but you can already propose a talk.

Call for talks

Suggest a topic you want to give a talk on

We would like to invite you to share your case study, insights, ideas, or research related to e-commerce search with other participants at MICES. You may submit a proposal for a talk as part of the scheduled sessions, which take place in the morning and in the early afternoon. As the number of scheduled talks is limited, you might also consider pitching your topic during the Open Space (Barcamp) sessions which take place in the afternoon.

We especially welcome women working in e-commerce search to propose a talk.

Please submit your proposal for a scheduled talk following one of the (external) links below. Talks will be limited to 30 minutes, including discussion. We will not accept sales talks or product promotions.

Organisers & Partners

René Kriegler

René works as Director E-commerce at OpenSource Connections. As a search consultant he has supported clients in Germany and abroad for 15 years. Although he is interested in all aspects of search, key areas include search relevance consulting, e-commerce search and Apache Solr/Lucene. René maintains the Querqy open source library. He co-founded MICES in 2017 together with Paul Bartusch and Isabell Drost-From.

Sebastian Russ

Sebastian works as Product Manager at Tudock focussing on e-commerce search. His passion for search is reflected in a wide range of search projects with both closed and open source solutions. Driven by couriosity and the challenging nature of search topics he believes that collaboration between technology, business and design brings up the best results. MICES is a great place to make that happen and Sebastian is happy to be able contribute to the search community he learned so much from.

Berlin Buzzwords

MICES is partnering with Berlin Buzzwords and takes place on the day after the main conference. See here for information and tickets.


MICES is sponsored by

Tudock OpenSource Connections Ethical Commerce Alliance

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