MICES 2020



9th June 2020
16:00 - 20:00 CEST (GMT+2, Berlin)

Note that this workshop requires additional registration as the number of participants will be limited!

Workshop: Building trusting connections - the role of emotions in personalized e‑commerce search

Ángel Maldonado & Andreas Wagenmann (Empathy.co) / Sergej Spomer (Edenspiekermann)

trust and search

When looking at personalised e-commerce search, questions on data ethics, privacy and trust come into play. Trust may be regarded as the most important feeling that any search shall aspire to elicit in its users, and trusting search, regardless of its sophistication, is what this workshop is about.

Join a group of designers, developers and data scientists to architect and design a personalised commerce search that is conceived to evoke trust in its users.

During the course of these four hours, you will partner with passionate search professionals to compose, share and debate your ideas and to collaboratively arrive at the foundations of what could be the first privacy-by-design personalised commerce search.


9th June, 16:00 - 20:00 CEST (GMT+2, Berlin)

Where / Registration

Online. Requires separate registration (free) in addition to your joint MICES/Berlin Buzzwords/Haystack standard ticket. Register here.


What is that which makes ecommerce search successful? Is there another kind of advancement beyond the rationale of KPIs?

Success in ecommerce search can be defined in multiple ways, and these ways can be grouped into two categories: Rational and Emotional, two apparent contraries that need each other.

From a rational perspective, search must deliver to a set of predefined objectives that respond to concrete business goals such as conversion and revenue. Whilst from an emotional perspective, search shall elicit positive reactions in the way it functions, whether search felt joyful, trustworthy or understandable.

If these emotional responses are equally important, then how can ecommerce Search be productised upon them? And more specifically: How can personalisation in ecommerce Search incorporate these emotional responses (i.e. trust)?

Like-mindedness is a key drive when aspiring to build meaningful relationships between consumers and brands, and trust supports such a goal.

In the following video, Barbara Martin Coppola, Chief Digital Officer for Ingka Group, explains the steps to embed data ethics into everything we do in a simple and transparent way.


Search sophisticates on the basis of leveraging signals sourced from users who are subject to tracking: a process which in itself is both regulated and questioned.

How can search deliver sophisticated signal processing and user relevancy while exercising privacy by design? A complex and fascinating challenge that this workshop attempts to resolve.

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